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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie review: The First Years Last Forever

The First Years Last Forever. Directed by Rob Reiner.

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I rolled my eyes so hard when someone told me to watch this movie. My son is almost five months old now. What can I learn from this DVD, which came free in a box of new-baby literature at a second-grade reading level? But... I was relieved: my time was not wasted!

The First Years Last Forever is a light, refreshing 30-minute film providing practical advice about the newborn. As I mentioned, I watched this film when my son was nearly five months old, and it was still applicable and interesting. The movie talks about how to build strong attachments to a child, without giving any real advice on parenting style.

The movie is forward-thinking and touches on aspects of parenthood not only pertaining to the small week-old infant, but also to the child that has learned the word "no," and to the toddler. It was fun to see the interactions between parent and baby, and watch as babies of different ages were shown interacting with their parents.

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