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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The rating system

Here it is: the breakdown of my rating system for books.
  • 10/10: A must-own book for a lay-professional in the field.
  • 9/10: A desirable book for the bookshelf of a lay-professional.
  • 8/10: Will certainly reread this book.
  • 7/10: This book has some great information, and I will likely reread it.
  • 6/10: This book was worth a once-through, but I would not reread it.
  • 5/10: I would recommend skimming this book and/or looking at the pictures.
  • 4/10: There were a couple of good points, but not more than a couple.
  • 3/10: I can see the value of a book like this, but it is unreadable and/or terrible -- not even worth skimming.
  • 2/10: Reading this book was a waste of time; it contributed nothing to the discussion and was poorly written and/or unreadable.
  • 1/10: Even the cover was a waste of time.

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