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Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had the opportunity to go with a client and her partner to her prenatal appointment with her obstetrician.

The obstetrician, incidentally, delivered my baby six months prior. She delivered him, but she was not our care provider; she was the on-call OB when it was time to deliver.

At the question and answer portion of the appointment, my client was asking about the routine procedures that she and her other partners use during delivery.

"We like to have things go normally and naturally," the OB replied. "We don't want you to have a c-section. We try not to cut episiotomies unless they're really, really necessary."

I know, maybe she says that to everyone. It is entirely possible that she was just toeing the line.

When I heard that, I got instant closure. For me, she had cut a "surprise" episiotomy that tore to a third-degree laceration, and I had secretly or subconsciously wondered if it was really necessary (even though all of the reading I had done said it likely was). Hearing her say that, I instantly felt better about my own birth experience. It was unexpected -- but very nice. And now I trust her so much more with my client.

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