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Friday, August 21, 2009

Another case of the baby brains

The "baby brains" is a condition recognized by new parents and, unfortunately, everyone they interact with.

From sleep deprivation and the necessity to pay constant attention to the baby, the brains undergo a transformation that makes one seem dumber. But it is not idiocy: it is the inability to multi-task.

Take, for example, my husband. Just this week, his baby brains were to blame for the following blunders.
  • On Monday, he left his coffee at the sandwich shop. It took him 20 minutes of walking to track it down.
  • On Tuesday, he put shaving cream in his hair. In his defense, it comes out of a can, just like his mousse.
  • On Wednesday, he filled the water-filter pitcher and then immediately poured its contents over his head, trying to drink from the spout.
  • On Thursday, he lost his belt somewhere. This is the second belt to go missing this month. Where is he removing his pants? No one knows.
It is now Friday. I have yet to see what happened today, but I am sure it will not disappoint!

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